Sunday, September 2, 2012

Change Me Deeply

When once I begged Thee "save my soul"
Thy mercy fast did meet me
My scarlet sins turned white as snow
As Thou did change me deeply

Yet bends my heart to empty fare
Where fruitless lands receive me
And stays the joy Thy yoke would share
'Till Lord Thou change me deeply

If furnace fire that burns the dross
Will make me fit to please Thee
Then help me now pick up my cross
That Thou might change me deeply

For when salvation fullness comes
In clouds where I shall see Thee
What joy to hear Thy word "well done"
If now Thou change me deeply

And then at last will come the hour
To consummate completely
Thy wonder of resurrection pow'r
As Thou shall change me deeply

words: © 2013 Stephen Popovich
melody: author unknown (tune to Barabara Allen from the 17th century)

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